The Eggborough CCGT Project

Eggborough Power Limited or ‘EPL’ is proposing to develop a new gas-fired power station on the site of it’s existing coal-fired power station at Eggborough near Selby in North Yorkshire. The new power station would be a combined cycle gas turbine or ‘CCGT’ plant. EPL submitted an application for a Development Consent Order (‘DCO’) to the Secretary of State (‘SoS’) for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy on 30 May 2017.

Further information on EPL can be found here.

The new power station would have a gross output capacity of up to 2,500 megawatts and be capable of supplying the electricity needs of around 2 million homes. A new underground gas pipeline would be constructed to the north of the power station so as to connect it to the national gas transmission system. There would also be an electrical connection to the existing substation located at the coal-fired power station site and water supply connections.


Subject to a final investment decision by EPL, the new gas-fired power station, once constructed and operational, would ensure that the Eggborough Power Station site continues to make an important contribution to the security of national energy supplies and the local economy.

EPL has consulted the local community and other stakeholders on the Project. Information on how EPL has consulted the community can be found here.

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